Why Is Servicing Of Movable Wall Necessary?

If you have an uninstalled wall-mounted electrical socket, there is one simple way to solve this – getting a Servicing of Sliding Wall. The Servicing involves repositioning the wall so that the plug socket is accessible. You will be delighted to note that one can easily get an expert serviceman for the job without much hassle. All you have to do is find a good and reputed professional in the area and get it done.

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The basic idea behind the Servicing is to install a socket that is easy to find, place and serve. The workman will make all efforts to ensure that the socket is placed at the top wall or at the base of the wall. It is important that this work is done before the plaster of the wall is applied on the surface. The reason for which the work has to be done before plaster is applied is so that wall coating will be easier.

If the servicing has to be done at a second time, the first thing to be done is to mark the location of the plug. Then it is only a question of placing the plug. The professional installer will also measure the height and the length of the wall so that the socket can be securely fastened. After making all these arrangements the work gets completed within no time at all. As soon as the work is over, a Servicing of Movable Wall takes place.