Where To Learn Bass Guitar In Australia

bass guitar australia

Bass guitar is an important part of the blues and rock music genres. There are some pretty good places to learn to play the bass guitar Australia too. If you’re living in Brisbane (Queensland) or Perth (Western Australia), for example, there are plenty of learning centers around the two cities that can help you get started with your musical education. The two most popular bass guitar teachers in Brisbane are Tom Page and Glen Wilson, who teach at Gold Coast University. If you live in further afield like Hobart or Melbourne (Tasmania), you’ll probably find similar lessons in various cities across the nation.

Why You Learn Bass Guitar In Australia

If you decide to go to Australia and study with one of these fine bass guitar teachers, be prepared for lots of long hours of heavy reading. I’d recommend picking up a guitar and learning as much as you can in the short time you’re there. It’s best to take things one step at a time and understand everything before moving on to something new. The more you learn about playing bass guitar, the more time you won’t have to spend in the practice room. This is one reason why people who study to become professional musicians spend so much time practicing!

Once you feel confident enough to play at least a few songs, try to get down to doing some jam sessions with other bass guitarists from all over the country. You might also be interested in getting involved with a local band or musical group, especially if you live in a city like Hobart or Melbourne where you can find a lot of local music clubs and venues. Playing in a band is a great way to meet up with people you love and also helps expand your musical horizons. As for practicing, be sure to bring along a good bass guitar and some picks. Practice hard and enjoy!