New Zealand Offers Great River Rafting Opportunities

rangitikei river rafting

When it comes to doing adventure sports in Indonesia, few places can match the awesome beauty of the rangitikei river rafting and its surrounding areas. This area is found in central Java and is bordered by Mount Agung and the East Highlands. The most famous rivers here are the Rachadam, Sarawak River, Recital, and the Tebuke River. The Rangitikei River is not only one of the deepest in all of Java but also among the most beautiful.

How to New Zealand Offers Great River Rafting Opportunities

The river rafting here is done in much the same way as in the other rivers mentioned above. However, it is done in a more guided manner where professional crew and equipment are employed for the tour. The whole rafting trip covers an area of more than 7 kilometers and takes around 7 days. The most famous rafting destination in this area is the Rachadam Camp which is also the name of the largest settlement in the region. There are many campsites along the route for the rafting enthusiasts and there are even camps available at higher elevations for the same.

So whether you are a tourist planning to experience a bit of new zealand adventure or would like to enjoy some time alone in the great outdoors, there is nothing better than going rafting in the Rangitikei River. Many people also choose to spend their time fishing in the rivers as well and there are some fabulous places to catch the fish. The waters are clean and safe and the locals are friendly and welcoming. So if you love adventure and rivers then the Rangitikei River and its surrounding areas are a great place to be.