Catastrophic Injuries in Omaha NE

Catastrophic Injuries in Omaha, NE comes to us from the Omaha Police Department and from their Website. This article looks at two of the most common catastrophic injuries that people may sustain as a result of a car accident. We shall look at a broken bone, and a sprained ankle. Please bear in mind that all the information provided on this website is deemed reliable but not guaranteed.

Omaha Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

Broken Bones This can be a very scary prospect. A broken bone is like a shattered, crumbled egg – you can never quite tell when it will break. The first thing you must do, if you have been in a car accident where the other driver was operating illegally, is get out of the vehicle. Once you are out of the vehicle, your best bet is to stay lying down until the emergency worker has arrived.

Sprained Ankle If you have ever seen pictures or video of someone being thrown around like a rag doll after receiving a broken bone, then you have a vivid image of what a fractured ankle can do to you. If you are unfortunate enough to suffer this type of injury, then you should go to your doctor immediately. Your doctor will be able to assess the severity of your injury and determine what pain medication you need to take, as well as advise you on how to care for yourself once you have been injured. In extreme cases, where the bone has shattered and cannot be saved, surgery may be required.