A New Childcare Centre In Killara, Ghana

childcare centre killara

A new childcare centre in Killara, Ghana has opened and it is serving all the residents of Killara town with different kinds of early childhood education services. The centre is called Killara Early Childhood Services and it is located in a busy residential street. Several parents came to the centre every day for different kinds of services such as language lessons, math, science and social studies. The centre also houses a health centre and a school for girls called Killara Girls’ School. The centre is managed by the CCM Company which is a non-profit organization.

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This childcare centre was established as a direct result of a survey conducted by the Canadian Government’s Social Development Canada. The survey’s results show that Killara is a major destination for all kinds of children who require early childhood education and the majority of these children are poor in Killara Town. The infant mortality rate is very high in Killara and this is one of the reasons why the Canadian government came up with this kind of childcare services for the people of Killara Town. The infant mortality rate in Canada is just below the one in United States.


Another advantage of this childcare centre is that they have a lot of group activities during the day. These include dance classes for kids, music classes for kids and various other group activities. You can also avail of computer and textbook study programs which are usually offered on Tuesdays through Fridays during the summer months. All the students residing in Killara or the surrounding areas benefit from this centre and hence it has gained popularity over a period of time.