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7/17/2001 Psychological Satisfaction of Denials of the Holocaust
7/16/2001 Russia Could Help to Stop Arabisation of Iraqi Kurdistan
7/16/2001 United States of Kurdistan: Kurds need an independent state
7/15/2001 Israel planning month-long offensive against PA
7/15/2001 Iraq to resume regular train service with Turkey
7/15/2001 Three Million School Books From Saddam To Kurds A Favour Or A Poison Cake
7/15/2001 MESA's human rights conference - There is no hierarchy in suffering
7/15/2001 The children who dream of dying for their cause
7/14/2001 An Iranian Official Calls for the Dismantlement of Iraq
7/14/2001 Israeli War Plan Revealed
7/14/2001 Washington forced to shelve Iraq sanctions plan exness
7/14/2001 AU.S. Security Assistance to Israel
7/14/2001 Critiques of the Defense Department's Strategic Review
7/14/2001 British Lord: 'Syrian Education System Advocates Genocide of the Jews'
7/14/2001 Northern Iraq, Sanctions, and U.S. Iraq Policy
7/14/2001 Security Issues in the Middle East exness thailand
7/14/2001 AThe World Conference against racism, racial discrimination..
7/14/2001 Edward Said proposes bi-national state
4/4/2001 Arab Summit of the Impotent
3/30/2001 Haaretz: The right to resist ... and Sharon's Riddle
3/30/2001 Daily Star: Arab summit faces new divisions from within, familiar pressures from without
3/30/2001 Daily Star: Sfeir’s opportunity exness th
3/30/2001 U.S. Department of State Daily Press Briefing, 01-03-27
3/30/2001 CASI Conference 2001: Iraq
3/30/2001 Arab News: We tried to help Iraq: Sultan
3/30/2001 UPI: Saddam pressures UN Agencies in North
3/30/2001 Media workshop: "The News Embargo on Iraq"
3/22/2001 BBC News: Iraqis consider life without Saddam
3/22/2001 Special Dispatch: An Egyptian Columnist Attacks Pro-Iraqi Arab Lobby
3/21/2001 Turkish Daily: Tension Between Turkmens and KDP Forces In Northern Iraq
3/21/2001 Haaretz: Between the Monastery and the Mosque
3/21/2001 The daily Star: Portraying the other in the Arab world
3/21/2001 The Detroit News: Chaldean Activist Takes Umbrage
3/21/2001 Associated Press: Blast Injures 6 in Baghdad
3/20/2001 Jerusalim Post: Shift the Focus to Iraq
Interview of Fr. Yousif Habbi with alJazera Arab TV broadcasted on 5 November, 2000
A letter to Mr. David Nissman of Radio Free Iraq-Iraq Report
Letter of Chaldean Federation to the United Nations
Lebanese Maronites: We're Syriacs, not Arabs!!
Chaldean Cultural Center in Detroit
Syriac Universal Alliance Letter to US Census Bureau
State Department Reply to Congressional Letter Concerning Assyrian Representation
Letter of Assyrian Organizations to Iraqi National Congress
Letter of Mar Orahem to Sargon Dadisho
KDP Intimidation, Expropriation of Chaldean/Assyrian Villages Continues
Chaldean Town: Chaldean Dream Takes Shape in Detroit
"Chaldean Town" Declared in Detroit area, Michigan
Letter to Secretary Albright by Chaldean/Syriac/Assyrian Organizations in Europe
Iraqi Government Considers Teaching Syriac.. A Criminal Act !!
Report on the Position of the Coptic Orthodox Church on the Assyrian Church of the East's Christian Theology
Kurdistan Democratic Party Blockades, Attacks Chaldean/Assyrian Villages: AINA Says
Letter By Iraqi Government Intellectuals Attacking the Pope and His Planned Visit to Beth Nahrain (Iraq) (In Arabic)
Letter by Iraqi Government Intellectuals Criticizing the Pope and His Planned Visit to Beth Nahrain (Iraq)
US State Department Lock Out of Consensus Assyrian Representation
U.S. Department of State Annual Report on International Religious Freedom for 1999: Iraq
Turmoil in Kerala Church as Malabar-Chaldean Faction War Hots up
Chaldean-Malabar Factions War May Split the Church
Sons of Chaldean Church of India Sacrifice Christian Values on Altar of Power Struggle
Anthony Cordesman's: Transitions in the Middle East
Anthony Cordesman's: Instability and Stability in the New Middle East and the Gulf
Anthony Cordesman's: Iraq After Saddam..Nation Building and Opposition MovementNeed Acrobat Reader
Anthony Cordesman's: Iran, Iraq and the Structure of Gulf Alliances Need Acrobat Reader
Anthony Cordesman's: Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq Need Acrobat Reader

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