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Churches Renovation In homeland
Northern Bet-Nahrain
By Rev.Emmaneul Youkhana

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"Mar Gewargis Church of Dory - Barwary Bala"
The Church was constructed in Tenth Christian Century.
Dory was the Bishop Centre for the Church of The East
for centuries. The last bishop was the late NOHRA
L'SANDOQE Mar YauAlaha. He passed away in 1973.
The Church and the village were demolished in 1978.
The families started to return in 1991. I celebrated
the first holy mass in Dory in Nosardail, 1991
(under QOPRANA) by the ruins of the church after
13 years from its destruction. I can never forget
that service. The people were crying as they pray
in their destroyed church.

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"Mar Gewargis Church of Dory - Barwary Bala"
The reconstruction of this Church was funded by the
Evangelical Church of Baden Wuerttemberg in Germany.
CAPNI carried the reconstruction.

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"Mar Gewargis Church in the village of Hezany"
"District of Nahla"

This church was demolished with the village on
1987 by Saddam's regime. The people were re-established
in a collective residence camp in called AlQadisiya
near Aqra. After 1991, the families started to rebuilt
their villages again with the help of International NGOs.
This Church was rebuilt by ((Christian Aid Program
- North Iraq CAPNI))which I represent in Europe.
The funds to rebuilt the church were donated by
Evangelical Church in Baden Wuerttemberg - Germany.
Thanks for them. On Sunday 21'st of July, 1996, the
opening ceremony of the church was held by His
Grace Mar Toma the Archbishop of the Ancient Church
of The East in Nineneveh. This church serves the
whole region of Nahla (more than 7 villages).
A priest was ordained to carry on the services.
His name is Rev. Shimun

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"Mar Youkhana Catholic Church under construction"

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In front the church: His Grace Mar Hanna Qulo, the
Bishop of the Catholic Church - Dohuk and Zakho diocess,
Mr. Petros Eskharia MP and director of CAPNI, the
third man I think he is the Mukhtar of Dauodiya.

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