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By: Dr. Ghassan Hanna Shathaya

Chaldeans of Mesopotamia were known for great achievements in many scientific fields. Some exness of those achievements had such an impact that many of them are still being used till today. The 60's system (i.e. 1 hour=60 minutes..etc) was created by the Chaldeans over 3,000 years ago. Also, the "time system" e.g. day, month, year as well as Lunar and Solar Calendars. The Chaldeans reached the conclusions that Earth, Moon, and another 5 planets and our Sun are all part of one system. A fact that took the world 2,000 years exness thailand later to agree with. The Chaldeans reached an impressive level in the sciences of Algebra, Geometry, and Astronomy. Astronomers like Kidannu was able in 367 BC to measure the Solar year to such an accuracy, that today's computers faulted him to only 4 minutes and 30 seconds!! The Chaldeans were also the inventors of the Zodiac system, and were able to calculate the 1/2 and 1/3 roots of numbers to an extreme accuracy that's not different that what we know today.

The followings are links on the internet that discuss or reference our Fathers, the Chaldeans of Antiquity as a people or simply as the priests of Mesopotamian religion. Those exness th priests who were simply called after their people "Chaldeans".

Chaldeans in Mesopotamian History
 Chaldea - New Babylonia
 Mesopotamia Resources
 Ancient Mesopotamian Acounting, Money, and Labor

Chaldeans and Astrology
 History of Astrology
 Constellations: Leo
 Palmistry or Chiromancy

Chaldeans and Mathematics
 Babylonian Mathematics
 Numbers Count
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Chaldeans and Time System
 The Gregorian Calendar

Chaldeans and Iridology
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Chaldeans and Architecture
 Vault: Curved Ceiling over a Room
 Chaldean Sundial
 Architectural Marvels of Ancient Mesopotamia

Chaldeans and Business 
 Stock Prices in Sixteenths

Chaldeans and Science
 Copper in Ancient Times: The Sumerians and Chaldeans
 Warfare of Science with Theology: The Visible Universe

Chaldeans Miscellaneous
 A Brief Historical Review Of Traditional African Beadwork in Africa
 Loves of Angels

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